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Selling Your Home Faster – Simple Tips for a Quick Sale

house on a green lawn with for sale sign

Image by Pixabay

Typically, the longer a home is listed, the lower its chances are of selling. Selling a home can also get stressful—after all, making sure your house stays presentable for the entire time it’s on the market can be difficult. For these reasons, you’ll want to sell your home quickly with minimal hassle.

Ultimately, the odds of selling your house quickly depend on how well you present and market it. There are several inexpensive ways to improve its appeal to buyers, including the following which we’ll discuss below.

Declutter and Clean

tidy living room with white walls

Image by Pixabay

Naturally, your house needs to be clean. It needs to be thoroughly clean. This means decluttering on all levels. Closets, tabletops, shelves, racks, mantels, and other common clutter magnets should be made as neat as possible. If they look a bit crowded, buyers may think their own stuff wouldn’t fit in the space.

Decluttering also means clearing out obstacles in the main areas of your home. If your living room looks like it would take effort to stumble through, you may want to consider putting some items in storage. Moving furniture away from the walls can help create a more open, free-flowing atmosphere as well.

Once you’ve decluttered and done some rearranging, clean everything. Dust and scrub all surfaces, blinds, ceiling fans, windows, baseboards, and anything else that a buyer might notice. It will take time, but it will also create an impeccable look that will increase the odds of a quick purchase.


When buyers look at your home, they want to be able to see themselves living there. This is where staging comes in. You want to present your home as a place that isn’t strictly yours, but could easily be theirs.

To help buyers feel at home in your house, depersonalize. This means family pictures and memorabilia should be taken down. In addition, artwork or decorations that may distract from the house itself should also go into storage. The idea is you’re showcasing the house itself, not its interior design features, so that your house sells quickly.

Minor Staging

Some sellers like to do comprehensive staging of every room, but that’s not always necessary. A few minor features here and there can help significantly with selling your home. Even something as simple as setting the table can help it feel more like home for potential buyers. Set out your fine china, maybe use a bold-colored tablecloth, include a centerpiece, and you’ve increased the appeal of your dining room.

Other areas you may want to spruce up include:

  • The kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Master bedroom
  • Closets (people are always looking for storage space)

Again, it doesn’t have to be massive—a few touches here and there can transform your home’s appeal. Also, make sure each room has a purpose. Doing so may mean putting stuff into storage, but it’ll be worth it when it comes to selling your home.

Bring in a Bit of Nature

If you have a garden, it’s easy to add a bit more appeal to your home’s interior. Pick a few flowers and set them in vases (or mason jars if you want a more rustic look) here and there where they’ll be seen. If you don’t currently have a garden, getting a few bouquets from your local grocery store can also do the trick. The main idea here is to freshen up the interior with a bit of greenery.

Natural light also goes a long way, so make sure you invite as much of that into your home as possible. Draw the blinds, clean the windows, maybe replace the curtains with something lighter, and your home should sell a little faster as a result.

Make a Few Upgrades

If your home has some major issues, make any repairs that are needed. Buyers generally want a functional home, not a project.

A few minor upgrades can add a modern appeal to a place as well. You might repaint one of your walls or install new light fixtures. A new sink can immediately boost the appearance of a kitchen or bathroom with minimal cost. If you have a bit of extra cash lying around, put it to good use making home improvements, however small they may be.

gnome figuring peering through grass blades

Charming to you, perhaps, but not to buyers. Photo by Sarah Brink on Unsplash.

Clean the Lawn

In order for buyers to even consider looking at your home, it needs some curb appeal. To this end, make sure toys, tools, or unsightly lawn ornaments are put away. Mow the lawn, pull up the weeds, and trim the hedges. If you try selling during the winter, plow the walkways and do your best to maintain a neat outside appearance.

Get the Timing Right

Of course, selling during the winter months is rarely a good idea unless if you’re in a place with a hotter climate, such as Tuscon, Arizona or California. Warmer areas tend to have a more consistent housing market year-round. If you’re in a spot with harsh winters, try to avoid selling your home while there’s snow on the ground.

There may be mitigating circumstances, of course, such a job-related relocation, current market fluctuations, and so forth. In addition, spring and summer housing markets tend to have more inventory (i.e. more people selling), so buyers may be pickier during those times. In these cases, consulting with your realtor will help you time things as well as possible.

Include Some Extras to Sell Your Home Quicker

Adding a few extras can always sweeten a deal and help you sell your home a little faster. For instance, a home insurance policy or home warranty can add a little extra appeal to your listing by increasing the value. Appliances and systems covered by a home warranty show that you’ve invested in caring for your home, and that can help increase the odds of a sale.

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