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5 Ways Smart Home Technology Makes the Holidays Easier

house with lights on a snowy street

Image by Pixabay

Whether you already have a few gadgets in place or you’re planning to install some, smart home technology can make the holidays much easier. Here, we’ll discuss a few ways home automation tech can make this season better for everyone.

1. Decorate with Lighting Automation

strand of white christmas lights on floor

Photo by Dzenina Lukac from Pexels

Automated lights switch on and off with the use of timers, sensors, or both. Numerous models also incorporate remotes or smartphone controls, making it easy to switch them on and off wherever you are.

Various brands offer color-changing light bulbs and dimmers that let you get just the right atmosphere in your home. This functionality has obvious applications for holiday decorating. Some homeowners have achieved some pretty impressive results with the use of color-changing lights on timers (plus TONS of planning).

Of course, it’s not all about fantastic displays. Automated lights are a great way to help safeguard your home if you plan on traveling. With the scheduling features offered with many automated lighting systems, your home’s lights can make it look like you’re home. As such, smart lights can help deter break-ins while you’re away.

2. Keep Safe with Smart Doorbells and Locks

In addition to automated lighting, smart home technology like smart doorbells and locks add to your home’s security. Many smart doorbells have sensor-activated video cameras that allow two-way communication between a connected screen (such as your phone) and whoever is on the front porch.

These features can be invaluable when it comes to protecting any packages left on your doorstep. If anyone tries to snag anything off your front porch, you’ll know.

Smart locks can also make your home safer while adding convenience. Any guests you have over can be given their own unique code to enter while they’re visiting. Since the lock feeds data straight to your phone, you can track who comes and goes remotely, all while experiencing minimal disruption to your schedule.

3. Minimize Fire with Smart Smoke Detectors

For many families, the season calls for loads of cooking. Christmas itself also features highly flammable trees laden with lights, all of which present an increased risk of fire.

Advanced smoke detectors make a valuable part of any smart home technology system by adding increased functionality. A regular smoke detector, for instance, won’t call the authorities if your tree goes up in flames, but a smart smoke detector can—an excellent feature if you’re away.

But what happens if the cookies just got a little overdone? Most smart smoke detectors can be set up to send notifications to your phone which you can then accept or reject. This is highly convenient if you’re busy cooking in the kitchen and you accidentally set off the alarm. Rather than peeling away from your cooking to turn it off, all you have to do is press a couple buttons on your phone.

4. Convenience and Atmosphere via Voice Assistants

black amazon echo on table

Photo by Fabian Hurnaus from Pexels

Adding to the convenience that smart home technology offers you over the holidays are voice assistants. Alexa (available on Amazon Echo) or Google Assistant (Google Home), offer a wide variety of functions that make the holidays easier. These include:

  • Cooking timers
  • Pulling up recipes
  • Playing music
  • Placing calls

Additionally, these devices often act as the central hub for comprehensive home automation systems. As such, they can add voice-activation to your lights, sound, heating, cooling, and so on.

5. Keep Cozy with Smart Thermostats

When it comes to winter heating, smart thermostats help you stay warm while keeping your energy bills down. They do this by countering human error—if you forget to turn down the heat before leaving the house, you can do so remotely.

Most smart thermostats come with scheduling features, and some even “learn” your routine based on your usage. For example, if you usually turn down the heat from 9:00 to 5:00 each day, your thermostat will begin automatically adjusting based on that.

For long-term trips, the remote access granted by a smart thermostat is invaluable. If you happen to forget to turn off the thermostat before a week long trip, you can pull up the app on your smartphone and shut it off remotely.

Installing Smart Home Technology for the Holidays

Most smart home technology is designed to work together in a connected system, but you’ll want to check each device’s compatibility just to be sure. Alternatively, a professional can help you design the perfect system. Either way, with the right devices in place, you’ll bring added ease and cheer to your holiday celebrations!

Many types of smart home technology help protect your home. Another way to add more layers of protection is with a home warranty. It’s worth taking time to see which options are best for you  this season because home warranties can save you thousands down the road.

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