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Spring Cleaning with a Twist

When spring cleaning this year, forget the stuffed closets and messy garages. Make a mundane task more fun by cleaning in groups and cleaning unusual areas and items. If you know your neighbors, go from house to house and work together. Laugh, have fun, and when you finish, order pizza and celebrate your accomplishments.


Image by Sergio

Sports Equipment

Start with sports equipment, then schedule a group outing with all who helped. Scrub the cobwebs off your bike, oil the chain, and check the tires. According to Bicycle Habitat in NYC, a little maintenance goes a long way to ensure preservation of your bike and enjoyable rides without breakdowns. Review their bike maintenance chart for tips and ideas. Forgotten socks and musty gloves in your golf bag? Clean all pockets in your bag and clean your clubs. Make sure your bag is stocked with balls and tees. If you have a distance device, be sure it is in working order. Check your club grips for wear and tear and take them in for repair if needed. Skateboards, roller blades, and in-line skates all need maintenance too. For safety and fun, be sure they are ready for use before going on that group outing with your fellow spring cleaners.

Outdoor Recreational Items

Gas Grill

Image by Aral

Move your grill outside. For safety, look at the overall condition including burners and valves on your gas grill. For your charcoal grill, check the bottom for holes.  Clean grills and make a list of needed supplies such as charcoal, lighter fluid, and propane. According to Weber Grills, spring cleaning and repairing your grill, whatever type you have, protects your investment and keeps you safe. Patio furniture needs to be checked for wear and tear and cleaned. Take inventory of coolers and other picnic supplies. Dispose of leaky coolers and moldy tablecloths.  Restock paper plates and cutlery as needed. Outdoor group activities with friends and family are more fun when your spring cleaning is done ahead of time, and your fellow group of cleaners can enjoy the first spring event with you.

 Water Sports

Equipment used in water sports needs protection from the sun and water. Depending on the material from which they are made, kayaks and canoes have different cleaning and maintenance needs. Protection from water and salt damage is key. Spring clean kayaks and canoes with soapy water and wax as appropriate. Clean pool toys with a bleach solution and let air dry. Surf boards, skim boards, and other beach equipment and toys need a spring cleaning and possible waxing prior to the first use. Soapy water, bleach solutions, and wax will be enough for any water equipment.

The most important part of this spring cleaning adventure is to have fun along the way! Share the chores with those around you, and get ready for a fun and fabulous spring and summer season!


Image provided by Unsplash

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