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Maintain Your Roof and Gutters to Extend Their Life and Save Money

Proper care and maintenance of your roof and gutters saves you lots of cash. Your roof is one of the most expensive aspects of your home. Where your roof ends, your gutters start, and when it comes to home maintenance priorities, the roof and gutters are easily forgotten.

According to Linda Shewski of Shewski Roofing in Sarasota, FL,  high winds, heavy rain, hail, trees, and sunlight are all damaging to your roof.  In a recent interview, president and owner of Shewski Roofing, Dave Shewski, offers the following 3 tips to extend the life of your roof:

Trim the Trees Around Your Home

Dave notes that trees are the worst enemy of your roof.  He suggests trimming trees away from the house to prevent leaves, pine needles, and limbs from falling on the roof. Leaf and pine needle collection encourages mold growth, and falling limbs can cause structural damage and leaks.

 Avoid Pressure Washing

High power pressure washing causes damage to roof shingles and tiles. Dave advises that soft washing is available and is the best way to clean mold and mildew from your roof. This type of cleaning involves a chemical spray and low water pressure and is much safer for the roof than pressure washing.

 Schedule Periodic Roof Inspections

Dave’s final tip is to schedule roof inspections. He suggests routine inspections every 2-3 years.  He also indicates that inspection of the roof after hurricanes, tornados, or other severe storms is advisable. Dave says that after a big storm, there is the possibility of damage that cannot be seen without actually climbing on the roof for close inspection. For your safety, it is advisable to have the inspection completed by a roofing professional.

While a roofer can take care of your shingles and tiles, a good aluminum expert is needed for your gutters. Gutters are not as costly as your roof, but serve an important purpose in the protection of your home. Gutters have multiple wear and tear issues that need routine care to keep them in working order.

Prevention is Essential

House with gutters and roof

Image provided by Froy Hamstad

Overflowing gutters and dripping water are indications that you waited too long for a gutter inspection and cleaning. When these signs are present, you may also have wood rot, leaking joints, and termite damage. Routine cleaning by a reputable company, prevents or reduces the costly repairs caused by neglect, and extends the life of your investment.

Reasons to Clean Your Gutters

According to America’s Best Roofing, there are multiple reasons to clean your gutters regularly. Leaves and tree branches weigh down gutters and cause damage to them. Water caught in the gutters eventually leaks out and damages the paint on your house. Clogs reduce the efficiency of the gutters and cause water to stand around the foundation of your house, instead of flowing away from the house.

Schedule Cleaning in the Off Season

It is recommended that gutters are cleaned and inspected every 6 months.  Spring and Fall are the busiest times for gutter cleaning and repair companies. For a better price and faster service, schedule during less busy seasons.

A lot of money is saved by regular care and maintenance of your roof and gutters. When you receive your tax refund this year, look into a home warranty plan so you are prepared for the cost of any needed repairs, and spend part of that refund for a home warranty and maintenance of your roof and gutters.

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