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Here’s A Quick Way To Install A Replacement Shower Head With Ease

Replacing an old shower head and installing a new one is quite simple. Learn how by simply following these steps.

First things first

Avoid damage to yourself and bathroom by making sure that the water is turned off before removing the shower head.

Even the smallest stream of water coming into the supply can make the shower head fly right off the shower handle.

The next step is to remove the shower head. Start by turning the shower head counter clock-wise, or to your left by using your hands.

If you are unable to remove it with your hands, simply use an adjustable crescent wrench. Before beginning to remove with a wrench, wrap the shower fixture with a towel.

Wrap a towel around valve to ease with shower head replacement

Using a towel protects you and the bathroom finishes in case the wrench slips off while loosening.

How To Install the New Replacement Shower Head

Now that the old shower head has been removed, it’s time for a little inspection work.

The first step is to check the fitting it was attached to.

The threads on the shower neck can have a build-up of grime, rust, or old Teflon tape. These are all easy to remove with a cloth, steel wool, or by using a bristled brush.

The next step is to apply a fresh layer of Teflon tape to the shower arm. A fresh layer of tape ensures a water tight seal after installation.

Apply the tape clockwise around the exposed threads, starting where the shower arm comes out of the wall and finishing at the end of the fixture.

After applying the tape, press it into the threads of the shower arm to get an extra tight seal.

Screw the new shower head on in a clockwise direction (to the right).

Tighten it as much as possible by using your hands. After it is hand tight, use a wrench and cloth to secure the shower head the rest of the way.

With the new shower head in place, slowly turn on the water to expose any leaks.

Repeat the previous steps if leaks are found after installation.

As you can see, installing a new replacement shower head is beyond easy. The task can be finished in about 10 minutes.

We also understand how busy your schedule is. Sometimes home repairs don’t fit into your busy life. A great way to avoid repairs to your shower head is by purchasing a home warranty.

Home warranties cover lots of things within the walls of your home from costly and tedious repairs.

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