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How You Can Have A Pool That You Can Be Proud Of

Having a pool to cool off in during the hot summer months is a wonderful thing – especially if it is right in your backyard!

If you are fortunate enough to have your own, you also know it requires regular maintenance to stay more “refreshing oasis” and less “bog from heck”.

Luckily, it only takes an hour or so per week to keep your pool clean and sparkling throughout the warmer months.

We’ve put together a fantastic summer pool maintenance guide for you to follow to make sure that your swimming area will be looking great all summer long.

Skim Your Pool Everyday

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Using a skimmer daily is one of the easiest things you can do to protect your investment.

Removing leaves and other debris that get caught in your pool’s filtration system extends the life of your equipment and keeps the pool looking pristine.

We like to set a daily reminder to skim the pool and make it part of the daily routine.

It may seem tedious at times, but the modest amount of effort this takes will pay for itself with avoided maintenance costs from fixing your pull pump.

Nit, Grit, and Nets

In addition to skimming the pool daily, vacuuming also adds life and longevity to your home’s pool. Vacuuming cleans the sediment that inevitably gathers at the bottom.

Many folks have automatic vacuums or hire out help to assist with this task.

Another important aspect of pool maintenance is to regularly check your pool filters.

No matter how many times a day you skim your pool, there will still be leaves and other debris that get sucked into the filter by the pool pump.

Don’t worry about things getting caught in the trap – that’s why they exist!

Your responsibility is to make sure that they stay generally clean.

It’s also good practice to use a long, bristled pool brush to scrub the pool sides and floor. This only needs to be done once a week in heavy-use seasons.

Brushing will keep the walls and floor of your pool free from algae buildup.

Chemical Treatments For Pool Maintenance

Ensuring a safe chlorine level is critical for overall pool hygiene. Chlorine cleans the pool by killing bacteria and other contaminants that can make your pool unsafe for swimming.

An ideal chlorine level is 1 part per million prevent the spread of algae throughout the water.

Check the levels once a week and follow the instructions carefully when adding the chemical to your system.

After chlorine, the most important value to check is the pH level.

The optimal range of acidity you want to have in your pool is between 7.2 – 7.6. (The ideal pH is 7.4, the same level as the human eye.)

Algae and other diseases will not be able to survive in water with that level of acidity. The muriatic acid you add to the pool, along with the chlorine, will provide you with clean, healthy, and safe water all summer long.

Sometimes we all get a little busy and fall behind.

If that happens to your pool maintenance schedule, algaecide is available to help speed up the process of killing any algae blooms that appear.

Here is a helpful video if you have any more questions.

Simple steps, Big return

It really doesn’t take much effort to take care of your pool.

Following these simple steps, you will have a relaxing, fun, and hygienic place for your family and friends to cool down all summer long.

Pool maintenance is essential to having a sparkling oasis to relax in all summer long

Additional Pool Maintenance Resources: – General Maintenance Tips

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