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5 Appliances to Buy in September and October

Summer vacation is a fond memory, the dog days of summer are in the past, and school is back in session. It’s now time to think about preparing your home for fall and winter. A big part of that preparation is taking inventory of your appliances. The months of September and October are a great time to repair or replace them. If repair is the answer, there are many appliance repair jobs you can do yourself. If replacement is needed, there are bargains to be found at this time of the year. So, should you choose appliance repair or replacement? Read on for ideas to save you money and help you decide.



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Multiple things can go wrong with your dishwasher. According to PartSelect, many dishwasher issues are easily repaired by the homeowner. If “do it yourself” is in your vocabulary, follow their directions to repair it without help. If the issue is major, you may be better off calling the repairman. Before spending money on costly repairs, consider the age of the dishwasher and repair price; then decide if replacement is the practical answer. Home Depot currently has fall appliance discounts of up to 40% off dishwashers at various price levels.

Gas and Electric Stoves

Before calling the repairman for stove issues, there are DIY tricks you can try. Family Handyman has multiple suggestions for homeowner repair of gas and electric  stoves. If unable to repair yourself, again, consider the cost of replacement vs. the age and condition of your stove, and if the repair cost is too high, think about replacement. The cost of stoves varies significantly, so decide on the features you want before shopping. If replacement is the answer for you, Best Buy has September savings of $10 to $1500 on stoves.

Gas stove

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Repair Clinic recommends entering your microwave model number for specific DIY repair instructions. Microwaves are the least expensive kitchen appliance, so weigh the cost of a service call against the age of your microwave. If repair of your old microwave is expensive, September and October appliance sales may be your best bet.

Washers and Dryers

Most appliance manufacturers release new models in the fall. Because stores need to sell off the old model inventory, September and October are good times to shop for bargains on washers and dryers. Lowe’s offers up to 35% off through September 12th. If repair of your old washer and dryer is not practical, due to age or condition, shop around for fall sales on these appliances.

You may notice that refrigerators are missing from this list. According to Sears Home Services, new refrigerator models are released in the spring.  They say that May is the best time to purchase a refrigerator. They also say that, if you are replacing all appliances at once, May is the best time because the refrigerator is the most expensive appliance. Include the refrigerator in your list of appliances to inspect in the fall, but unless necessary, don’t replace it until spring.

 It’s pretty clear that September and October are good months to replace your appliances. Of course, if you have a home warranty from American Home Shield, this is one fall preparation you can mark off your to-do list. Repair and/or replacement of appliances is covered by a home warranty and you can customize your plan to your specific needs or cover all your appliances. Repair, replace, or cover those appliances with a home warranty? Decide what is best for you, and prepare for fall today.  

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