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Plain And Simple – Having A Home Warranty Makes Life Easier

Contrary to popular belief, a home warranty is not the same thing as having an insurance policy. But they do complement each other quite nicely.

Homeowner’s insurance covers major happenings such as theft, fire and inclement weather. As well as other unfortunate events that cause damage to the structure of an owner’s home or their personal belongings.

A home warranty covers everyday wear and tear, not only for the appliances within the walls of the home– but all the major system components as well. This is exactly why you need a home warranty to have true peace of mind.

Why you need a home warranty

Like most types of warranties, a home warranty acts as a buffer for unexpected, unforeseen, costly repair bills.

Whether you just enjoy having nice appliances, don’t have an “emergency fund” lying around your house, or simply aren’t the type of person that enjoys DIY home maintenance, having a home warranty to protect your budget is a fantastic idea.

If you are selling your home, home warranties are a great resource. Give the buyer peace of mind, knowing that home appliances and systems are protected from unexpected failure is a wonderful thing to have at closing.

Whether the home is newly constructed or older but newly purchased, protection for the appliances and components within the walls gives the buyer complete confidence that they are making the right choice.

Ask the right questions

Like any major purchase, it’s important to make sure that you are asking the right questions and doing proper research before purchasing a home warranty.

Read the fine print and make sure that purchasing a warranty for you home will pay off for you in the long run.

In contrast to unexpected appliance repair bills, home warranties are not expensive. This is especially true when it comes to repairs to major system components.

Ensure that you are getting coverage only for the appliances and systems that need coverage. For example, if your appliance is under manufacturer warranty, you probably don’t need to cover it under your home warranty plan. Paying for coverage that you don’t need is a waste of money

When it comes to protecting your home, no solution is ever perfect. Home warranties offer tons of benefits to home owners and sellers alike. The most important step in purchasing a home warranty is education. Coverage varies by location and zip code, so make sure that you are getting the best home warranty coverage for your money

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