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Winter Decorations – Ideas for After the Holidays

gray sofa with blue throw pillows and a cat

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When most people think of winter decorations, the holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, etc.) come to mind. Once those are over, deciding how to decorate your house afterward can be a bit of a challenge. There’s not much that’s festive about January, and other holidays aren’t coming for a while yet. Still, the house needs some refreshing, and there are several ways to accomplish that.

Clear Out Christmas Decor

The first step to any post-holiday winter decorations is to clear out the tinsel, ornaments, wreaths, festive scenes, mini trees, and so forth. Anything that screams “Christmas!” should be taken down and stored away. That said, you might get some extra mileage out of some of your decorations in the coming month or so.

pine tree with pine cones and cinnamon

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Keep the Tree Up

The tree may still have some use in your winter decor. If you don’t feel like taking down the tree just yet, feel free to leave it up. In fact, a space can often feel empty once the tree is down, so keeping it up for a few more weeks can be a great way to get a low-key rustic feel in a living room, basement, etc. Just make sure to take the ornaments off first.

Stay Cozy

For most people, the toughest part of winter is the harsh weather outside. You’ll want a nice, cozy place to come home to after being out in the cold for any length of time, and your holiday decorations probably achieved that effect easily.

Once the bold colors and decorations are put away, it can leave your home feeling cold and empty, which is why adding a few warm colors can be useful. Try cycling out your artwork to get a fresh, new effect while also adding some warm colors. These can be dark, rich colors to go along with a wintry look, or you might opt for something brighter to remind you of warmer days.

In addition, tossing in some throw pillows helps create a cozy atmosphere, and using softly colored table covers can add a renewed-yet-comfortable vibe to dining and living room spaces.

Reflective Surfaces

Mirrors, metal objects, metallic paint, and other reflective winter decorations can brighten a space during dreary winter days without adding any over-the-top coloration. They complement various colors well, so placing metallic decorations near something yellow or orange can add some warmth to your home while also maintaining a fresh vibe.

Add Some Paint

Repainting some areas of your home can be a great way to freshen things up, even if you just go with one wall. Once you’re done, this wall shouldn’t have much in the way of decor on it—the point is to have a calm spot for the eyes to rest, allowing for a relaxing effect in the home. After the stress of the last few months, going with a softer tone rather than a bold one would certainly feel welcome.

Change the Linens

Changing out the linens may be just what you need in terms of winter decorations. New towels for the bathroom, sheets for the bedroom, and tablecloths for the kitchen/dining areas can add a fresh touch. Choose something that works for you. You might want muted tones for a quiet look or something brighter if you’re aiming for more vibrancy.

Winter Plants

potted plants by a window with snow outside

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

Many types of plants are appropriate for wintertime. In addition to a bare tree (if you leave it up), fresh flowers can help complement your winter decorations. Softer tones rather than the brilliant splashes of color used in spring may be more appropriate, though if you want to simulate springtime in your home to stave off the cold, you’re certainly welcome to go with brighter flowers.

Not all plants are limited to the indoors. Blue spruces, boxwoods, cypress shrubs, privet, and other evergreens can add some much-needed color to your outdoor space.

Choose Winter Decorations that Work for You

Many people want something calm that matches the winter colors outside. Others want something that reminds them of spring. Whichever direction you head with your winter decorations, do what works for you. Someone living in Houston, for instance, may wish for something wintry feeling, whereas a family in the frigid northwest may benefit more from warmer colors.

A new year brings new decor as well as new challenges. Homeowners can meet some of these challenges with a home warranty. As you work on your winter decorations, it can also be worthwhile to consider the various home warranty options available to you.

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