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5 Ways to Refresh Your Home Without Breaking the Budget

While remodels and improvements to your home are expensive, there are many ways to refresh your home and update your living space without spending a lot of money. Major renovations can cost thousands of dollars per room. With a little imagination and a few dollars, the stale tired look of the rooms in your home can be transformed into something new without expensive renovations. The following ideas are cost-effective and make a big difference in the look and feel of your rooms.

1. Move the Furniture

Refresh your home living room

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Simply rearranging the furniture gives your rooms a whole different look. This is the most affordable way to refresh your home and there are several furniture arranging apps to help you come up with ideas. Moving things around in a room is one way to go. A less obvious move is to take furniture from one room to the other. Move a mirrorless dresser from the bedroom to the living room. Put your TV on it and add some decorative pieces.  This changes the look of both rooms and keeps your money in your pocket.

2. Hang Kitchen Items on the Wall and Change the Cabinet Hardware

The kitchen is an easy place to freshen up on a budget. To provide more cabinet space and change up the look of your kitchen, hang kitchen items on the wall. If a rack for hanging is not in your budget, purchase inexpensive hooks. Group like items together or mix it up to suit your taste.

Kitchen items on wall

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A throw rug can also be added for a big splash of color or change in texture. If you have a little money to spend, change the hardware on the cabinets and drawers for a dramatic refresh. Knobs and handles are available at big box stores and multiple on-line sites for a few dollars each.

If you have a window in your kitchen, a small curtain or valance can dramatically change the look of your room. An inexpensive way to create this new look is to hang two or three decorative cloth napkins diagonally over a curtain rod.

3. Refresh Your Home with a Little Paint

Paint makes a major difference in the look and feel of any room. Costs vary widely, and doing it yourself saves a bundle. To give you an idea of cost, this calculator by homewyze gives you estimates for supplies and labor.

Freshen your home with paint

Image by Pixabay

If your time and funds are limited, choose only the areas where you spend the most time and paint those rooms. Consider painting only one wall in a room or adding wallpaper to one wall and painting the others.

With paintbrush in hand, you can also tackle furniture and kitchen cabinets to create a dramatic change for very little cost. It is common to paint the front door with a contrasting color. Consider this option for an interior door to create a pop of color in any room.

Paint gives you limitless options in color and texture. Use smooth or rough rollers and brushes for different finishes. You can also choose matte or shiny finishes to create your own style for a small investment.

4. Lighting for Effect

Lighting is a big difference maker in any room. If new lighting is not in the budget, consider changing the location of lamps in a room or moving lamps from one room to the other. Light bulbs come in many different levels of brightness and can change the entire tone of a room. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Bulbs can appear warm or cool. Changing the bulbs in your lamps and fixtures is an economical way to refresh your home.

5. Bathroom Updates

Bathroom fixtures can be expensive but with a little creativity may be within reach of your budget. Habitat for Humanity has stores in many areas with used fixtures for sale. Find a store near you and shop for faucets and sinks. You not only save money, but help a good cause in the process.

Refresh your home in an affordable fashion by thinking first about the areas you frequent the most. With a limited budget, forego the laundry room and little used bedroom. Concentrate on the kitchen, living room, and any other area with which you interact on a daily basis. Follow these tips to remake your home without busting the budget!

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