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Patio Decorating Ideas for Summer – Upgrading Your Outdoor Space

Image by bedrck from Pixabay

Summer is the perfect time to be outside, and you’ll want your outdoor space to be a relaxing, comfortable spot. Here, we’ll talk about some patio decorating ideas you can use this summer.

First Things First – Pinning Down Your Purpose

Before starting with your patio decorating, you’ll need to figure out how you want to use your outdoor space. Is it a spot to entertain guests? An extra eating area? Just a place to sit and relax? The choice you make will give you the direction you need when decorating the area.

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Image by Andy Giraud from Pixabay


A spot purely for relaxation on warm summer days will have comfortable furnishings, a decent amount of shade from the sun, and a bit of privacy from your neighbors.

Cooking and eating

An outdoor cooking spot will generally have a grill at the bare minimum. Maybe you’ll want a patio fireplace or a beverage cart as well, making it the perfect place for cookouts, barbecues, and general entertainment.

A table and chairs with sufficient shade will make this spot the perfect dining area as well.


If your primary purpose will be to entertain guests, you’ll need the right furnishing to do that. A conventional patio set could work, but maybe you’d prefer something a little more comfortable such as a sofa.

Weatherproof audiovisual equipment can make your patio the perfect place to gather for an outdoor movie night or a place to watch the big game.

A mix

Many homeowners want a mix of these. Make sure you have enough space for the furnishings and equipment you’ll need to accommodate multiple functions.

Idea 1: Ditch the Patio Set

Once you’ve established how you want to use your patio area, it’s time to get started with the decor. The first of our patio decorating ideas is to ditch the traditional patio set.

Indoor furniture can work very well in outdoor spaces, even fabrics such as upholstery on sofas and chairs. As long as you keep them properly shielded from the elements, you’ll have the perfect place to sit and relax when you need some air.

As you mix indoor and outdoor elements, you’ll make the patio the perfect transition area to your yard and other outside spaces.

Idea 2: Scale Things Up

If you have a smaller patio, you don’t necessarily have to use smaller decorations. In fact, using lots of small items can make the space feel cluttered.

Instead, go for a few larger, bolder items. A brilliantly colored bench or a couple large potted plants can make the space feel larger than it actually is, making it the perfect transition into your open lawn.


A pergola. Image by Barbara Jackson from Pixabay

Idea 3: Enclose Your Space

Just as you’d like to have the space feel open to the outdoors, privacy and shade are also important. If your roof hangs out over your porch, great! If not, adding a pergola with some curtains can help you keep prying eyes as well as the blazing sun off your patio.

Wooden rails and greenery can also add to the privacy of your patio, all while adding to the overall decor.

Idea 4: Use Outdoor Lighting

Our final patio decorating idea is to make good use of outdoor lighting. There’s no reason to sit on a dark patio after nightfall (unless you really want to), so adding some lanterns or lampposts will make it more welcoming. You’ll also improve your patio’s safety, especially if it’s raised above ground.

In addition, a bit of outdoor lighting will add to the overall effect of your landscaping by highlighting key features.

Additional Patio Decorating Ideas

Patio decorating doesn’t have to be difficult. Some additional ideas include:

  • Use bright colors.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a combination of materials.
  • Section your patio off into distinct areas for different functions.
  • Include natural items, such as flowers, small trees, vines, etc.
  • Less is more, as the cliche goes.

Most of all, have fun! It’s summer after all, so make it enjoyable.

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