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Living Room Wall Decor Ideas to Try This Winter

light living room wall decor

A variety of living room wall decor ideas. Photo by Patricia Rieder on Unsplash

Dreary weather is the hallmark of winter. While the initial snowfall can be both beautiful and enjoyable, it does get a bit tiresome after a while. During this time, sprucing up the interior of your home can take the edge off the dull white and gray blowing around outside and make the post-holiday season a bit more cheerful. Here, we’ll discuss a few living room wall decor ideas that you can try during the coming months.

Floating Shelves

Every holiday has its own associated decor, and little trinkets and baubles can make a space look more festive. But where to put them?

Floating shelves are easy to install (or make), and they add variety to an otherwise blank wall. Once installed, they’ll make the perfect home for any type of decorations you want, whether you’re aiming for something festive that you can transition easily or more permanent decorations that will remain evergreen throughout the year.

Make an Art Gallery

If you’re an art collector, the next of our living room wall decor ideas is for you. Take whatever artwork you have, frame it, and hang it on your wall. It doesn’t have to be expensive art—it could consist of paintings, photographs, posters, children’s drawings, and so on. The main idea is to have a variety of attractive pieces on display.

When creating your home art gallery, go for frames that go together. If you have several different shapes and sizes of art pieces, try to piece them together in a way that puts various sizes next to each other. The end result should look something like a large puzzle.

Alternatively, you might arrange them in a row with individual track lights, much like a professional art gallery.

One Giant Painting or Tapestry

If you’d rather have one cohesive image for your living room wall decor, you could try one oversized painting, photograph, or tapestry. The piece should match the overall feel of the space.

For instance, for a muted feel, an oversized black-and-white photograph can add some tasteful variety to a wall without clashing with the overall decor. On the other hand, if you want a more eclectic vibe, a piece of abstract art with brilliant colors can enhance the space and keep the winter dreariness away.

Showcase Your Fine China

Hanging plates and fancy dishware can add class to a space, whether you’re going for a rustic look or something more high class. Install wire plate hangers wherever you want to put your kitchenware on display, keeping in mind that you should maintain a cohesive home decor.

Hang Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors are another great way to enhance your living room, especially if you have limited space. The way that mirrors reflect light can make a smaller living room feel larger, and they’ll brighten things up just a little as well. You can go with either smaller mirrors for variety, or a larger wall mirror for massive effect.

lots of display shelves

Image by Pixabay

Use Storage Pieces

Armoires, cabinets, bookshelves, and so forth are a great way to add color and variety to your living room wall. They also allow for more storage space and additional decorations. As with our other living room wall decor ideas, the type of material or color you choose for your storage pieces will have to fit with the overall color scheme of the space.

Add Growing Things

Plants are an excellent way to stave off the winter doldrums while making your home a healthier, happier place. Once the Christmas tree is taken down, consider adding a few leafy plants or flowers to your shelves. Make sure they’re in a spot where they’ll get plenty of sunlight, and water them frequently. They should also be visible to give you a pleasant reminder that spring will eventually come.

If you’re the type who has a hard time keeping plants alive, varieties like aloe, Chinese evergreens, or junipers may be good options.

Mix and Match Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Naturally, you might want to try a few of these ideas together. Feel free to mix and match whichever ideas you find work best with your space and budget. Just keep in mind that the end result should enhance the space and make it feel a little more cheerful.

Winter can be a difficult time for some, and it comes with quite a few stresses. On top of enhancing your living room decor, another way to eliminate stress is with a home warranty. In the event that one of your appliances breaks down or needs maintenance, a home warranty can save you some of the cost.

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