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Designing for Personality Type: Home Decor for Extroverts and Introverts

Designing your home for your personality may sound difficult, but it’s the most natural way to approach home decor and home furnishing. Most people gravitate toward colors and patterns that are most pleasing to them. Here are a few tips to push your home decor to more closely match your personality type.

Nobody is 100% one or the other, but most people tend to fall to one side or the other. Introversion and extroversion are about from where one gets the most energy. If you feel recharged by quiet time alone and enjoy 1-on-1 conversations the most, you probably fall on the introverted side. Extroverts generally are energized by visual and social stimuli, love entertaining and bouncing between activities.

The Life of the Party

When it comes to decorating your space as an extrovert, the name of the game is open spaces, room for socializing, and dynamic color choices. Zoe Weiner of wellness blog Well + Good suggests “using lots of bold, high-contrast patterns in bright colors… and mixing hard edges—think glass, plastic, and metal—with softer fabrics.”

An open floorplan kitchen with airy windows

Extroverted design keeps an open floor plan and leaves room for conversation within. Couches, stools, swings, round tables, bars, and floor cushions are vital to an extrovert’s desire for social cohesion and to allow group conversation in every corner of the public space.

For working spaces, extroverts often work better with background noise and activity around them. Open floor plans at work favor a social mindset, and having a home office in a an active area can be stimulating, as well. Jennifer Hunter of the site Apartment Therapy writes, “Make your workspace part of another, high-traffic area in your home, where you’ll be in the thick of the action even while working.” Be careful with this method, however. If you are the type to get sidetracked by conversation, it can be too much of a good thing.

Inward-centric Design

For the more introverted types, the home is often more of a sanctuary than a place for entertaining. Becca Endicott of Elle Magazine writes, “Introverts are homebodies by nature… that means comfortable, inviting furnishings and touchable decor. Introverts might install design features like plush armchairs, cozy reading nooks, and luxurious, spa-like bathroom finishes.”

A cozy, neutrally-colored living room

Creating a safe, quiet home is paramount to the more inwardly-focused. Lighting is extremely important, so installing dimmers and blackout curtains are often the first and most desirable additions to the home for them. The archetypal introvert likes to have a darker, controlled space to disconnect and recharge.

Indigo2Ash, a Brooklyn based home decor store, writes on the subject; “The introvert craves solidity and often the security of tradition. Wooden furniture–antique, with a warm patina– rather than steel or aluminum is in order. Wooden objects–bowls or sculptures, for example–warm and smooth to the touch, appeal to the introvert.”

A rustic nook

Of course, if you’re like most people, you’ve got a bit of both. Try creating both a sanctuary nook and a bold area for entertaining. That way, all members of the household will feel represented. Also, don’t forget the appliances! Extroverts should invest in an excellent speaker system, or perhaps a pool, while introverts lean toward the sensory-oriented experiences of espresso machines, aroma diffusers, and white noise machines. That being said, everyone should have a excellent air purifier.

Before you go shopping for home decor that matches your personality, be sure to check out which appliances you already own are covered by a home warranty, and have fun turning your space into a reflection of you!

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