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Ideas for Swimming Pool Landscaping With Easy Maintenance

Swimming pool landscaping can be tricky. Privacy, safety of swimmers, and maintenance requirements all are considerations when planning the landscape near your pool. The weather is warm and your goal is to enjoy the pool with your friends and family. Plan carefully to avoid spending your free time on landscape upkeep and pool maintenance.

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Avoid Leaf and Flower Litter Around the Pool

Your pool area is beautified by plants and flowers, but if they drop debris in the pool, you may find yourself spending more time cleaning the pool than swimming. Proper placement and selection of plants keeps flowers and leaves from falling or blowing into your pool. While flowers are colorful and pretty, fallen blooms can make the pool area messy and stain your pool deck. For increased beauty without the mess, blooming plants can be planted in the background areas away from the pool. According to Lisa Hallett Taylor of The Spruce, ornamental grasses and succulents are good choices around pools. Both of these categories of plants are low maintenance and have little shedding. They don’t require a lot of water and leave you time to play. For increased privacy and beauty, Ms. Taylor also recommends vines for walls and fences near the pool.

Consider the Safety of Swimming Pool Landscaping

Bougainvillea for swimming pool landscaping

Bougainvillea in Bloom provided by Pixabay

Bare feet and swim suits don’t mix well with stickers and thorns. While colorful and pretty, some succulents, such as cacti, and flowering bushes are not “pool dress” friendly. If using flowering bushes such as bougainvillea, plant them away from traffic areas and away from the edge of the pool to avoid painful accidents. While roses have annoying thorns, they bloom all summer in most areas and are a good choice for color if placed away from traffic areas. Unfortunately, bright flowers attract bees and insects. Stinging insect allergies and fear of insects make this a consideration. Blooming plants not attractive to stinging insects include marigolds, foxglove, geraniums, and zinnias.

Container Gardening by the Pool

Container gardening is one of the most flexible options for pool landscaping. Containers are moveable, arrangeable, and changeable. Suggestions from Fronheiser Pools include mixing pots of different sizes and colors, or creating a single color scheme. They suggest using various heights and plants, and placing pots close together to mimic a garden. Large pots with small trees or bushes can create a beautiful divide between eating and play areas. Use your imagination and create your own custom look.  In the heat of the summer, plants may not look their best. In containers, they are easily replaced, so change things up according to the weather. Containers will dry out faster than plants in the ground, making watering needs slightly increased, but the possibilities for swimming pool landscaping are endless with container gardening. For additional landscaping ideas check out the landscaping app iScape available for iOS and android.

Pool with potted plants.

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